Articles By Noni Wang

The Fountain Of Life


My dearest Mom, you and I, are here again, meeting on the pages of a notebook. Your travel Journal. Who knew that when this particular notebook was made with thousands and thousands of others just like this one, that this one has the destiny to become the middle ground for you and me–the ground on which we could meet and live.

Who knew that this notebook which started out with no essence on its own–just an emptiness of many white pages–can become the most profound and treasured notebook where our life unfolds under the tip of the pen.

And so we are. Born with naked bodies and naked souls that later on will be filled with stories and experiences from the environment around us, making us just as a notebook, filled with conversation and filled with life.

In our conversations which you and I hold in those moments, we’ll shape the body of this notebook allowing her to become unique and distinguished from the six others that you and I created .

The same way a baby human is shaped by what is written into him/her by those who have access to his/her memories and consciousness. But now Mom, you can choose which of the stories written into you before now can stay or go. The notebook must hold all of them on status quo till someone says so.

So Mom, new chapter. New page. New line. Which stories will stay forever in other chapters but with no continuation and which ones will continue as an invisible web of life? Which ones?

Make a clear cut. Bring with you only what you love—what is truly dear to you. The rest is just extra weight that only takes up space and makes your load heavy. The moment of brutal truth, what and who exactly do you love??? Focus on that.

As long as you’re clear on that and as long as you have that, your life will never be empty or lonely. Only in love can you and I co-exist regardless of and if our body existed. Bring this with you when everything breaks down and everything in ruin, something still stays tall and indestructible.

Bring into a new chapter that is indestructible—that unbreakable part of you.

Whatever turns to ashes and ruins, leave it there. What was broken let it be broken. Do not fix it. Walk away. Take with you only what remains untouched.

Just take the steel of your soul: the connection that you and I have and everything else. Take with you what stood with you through the test of all tests: your connection to the Infinite, Cosmo, Divine Wisdom, and to your True and Only Home, the Tree of Life aka God’s Love. The rest is just projection. The clothes in which others dressed you, now dress yourself. 

Mom, the rest is an illusion of the physical world. The narrative of the story that was told to you by others is a myth, lie, and pretense. The role that you must play is waiting for you even before you were born. There was a glimmer of truth, but most of it was a lie.

What was true are your feelings, tears, suffering, smile, hug, and your love. That was and is and will remain forever the truth of all truth. Your actions were true. They were the ink in the story of your life. Surviving the un-survivable depends on witnessing the emergence of the unbreakable part of us that is a property of the soul.

The mind can deceive us. The body can give up on us. But the tangible point of the dot is that our soul will become the place of rest, rescue, and salvation.

In the Desert of Death, this dot is the opening to the water that lies underneath, below the ground for so long and then brought up to the surface by labor of digging a well.  Each soul much dig its own well in order to be able to cross the Desert. That dot is the Fountain of Life.



Filling Hearts


My dearest dearest mommy, how painful the lies and deception feels. How dark and lonely the manipulation. Why people would create such hell for them and others?

What is the purpose of living if the lies and cruelty are the result of daily actions? The human heart is a true mystery. Taking cannot fill the void. Only giving and sharing is the true path for human redemption.

Has humanity learned anything?

Do we not know that control, dictatorship and lies are short-lived? It surprises me that after so many years of evolution, people still enjoy inflicting pain on others.

Might be it is childish to be surprised by this fact, but why is it so difficult for humans to live with the idea and rule: “Do not do any harm.”

Do Not Kill the Apple Tree

2:52 p.m.

Note: This was the time around the fourth anniversary of our son’s shift. Just a few days prior, my husband and I learned how we were lied to by a spiritual leader of a community. We were devastated. Heartbroken. We felt that in our most painful and crucial time, we were manipulated and played.

Both of us were disgusted. However, if my husband was able to make his mind and not to think about it any longer, for me, it became an absolutely deeply felt event. I have to admit. It crushed me.

Maybe because I always kept a more “naive” approach about spiritual leaders. I wanted to believe that they are living according to higher moral standards than the rest of us. Anyway, below is the conversation that is addressing this issue. After this incident, we stopped coming to that community or any spiritual community altogether. We were done.     


My dearest mommy, I am quiet because you are in pain.  I am quiet because this is not a time for talking. I am quiet because higher levels of energy are involved, and I made this space available for them to reach you.

Yes, person x lied to you—to all of you, but now it is all in the open. Yes, he was cruel and detached, but you are moving again and looking and searching again.  It means that you are living your life, fighting for what is right, and walking away from what is wrong.

Your heart is full of emotions meaning you are alive and you care and you can feel again. It means you did not become numb or apathetic.  You have transformed into a new you with a fully functioning soul and heart and connection that are strong and healthy.

The conflict about G-d, religion and those who say they are in service is as old as the world. Lack of empathy and ethics touches humanity in every vocation, occupation, and trade. We have doctors who are butchers, bankers who are crooks, and teachers who teach the subject they don’t believe in or don’t care for. We have priests molesting children and Rabbis’ that lie. Do you want to talk about politicians?

Nothing is new under the sun. Nothing is new for humanity. Corruption. Corruption. Corruption.

However when it happens to you or to us, it becomes personal. It is a vivid, new, and painful experience. So what?

I trust that you will be able to sort things out and push the bad apples away from you. How many bad apples are out there?  In a world of religion only G-d knows. Not for you to count.

However the apple tree is beautiful.  Our only hope is that you will not kill the apple tree because the apples got bad.

A new season will come and new crops will be born.

Maybe one day you’ll be one of those apples too. So take the apples and make apple vinegar or cider and preserve the apple tree.

Of course the residue of this experience will stay with you forever. We shall remember, but we too shall forgive and release it to the higher court and move forward.

Don’t get stuck more than needed. Don’t invest your time and energy in where it’s cold and empty.

You did what you could and now walk away. Let that be another lesson and another test for you. Trust that divine providence will take care of that.

The high court is always in session. The tears are counted and the damage is measured. There is no corruption here. Trust that mom. Trust that and keep working.

I love you,

Your son.


Serenity and Kindness

You see, mom, now? What is important, mom, is that we will meet again in this broken world. We will find each other again and again.

We will wait for each other across time and space. Our love will keep us together. Now go to your life with this memory and with even more awareness than you ever had.

The vision of the tree and your home will follow you wherever you go. The divine love, loyalty, and mercy and its ultimate wisdom will always carry you.  Take this vision and plant it inside. Allow the root system to grow inside of you and connect you to the genesis. Bring all this energy to your inner world and imprint it in your DNA once again.

Now with full awareness and knowledge, come back to this place regularly and charge yourself.  Then share this calmness, peace, serenity, and love with others. Through your thoughts and the voice of your soul, you will be able to bring much needed kindness, sincerity and love to this world.

Be with me, mom.  Come to this tree as often as you wish. The doors will always remain open to you. This is your home. You’re always welcomed.

Vision of a Tree


A few days before, the message from the spiritual realm was that my case is closed and I am free to go to my life. First, I did not know that I had a case. Or that I was a case for someone. What kind of case, may I ask? Second, I was under the impression that they (whoever they were) were done with me with whatever needed to be done. Yet, to my surprise, I was transported again or given a vision—I do not know what is the most accurate description here—back to the waiting room. The room that was leading to the offices.

Once again, here I was sitting and waiting for something. Alone. All this was making me nervous. Why would I be called again, if it was clearly said that my case is closed? The vision stood with me for a few days. It was not progressing. Just me sitting in the waiting room. That is all.

On Monday, March 19, I was awakened by a phone call at 8:00 a.m. by a neurosurgeon. He was calling me in regard to my MRI scan. He was referring me to do a biopsy. I knew at that moment that I would not be able to do it due to my newly diagnosed intolerance to medications. 

So . . . while trying to process the details of my conversation with the neurosurgeon, I still was able to see myself sitting in that waiting room . . . when the door of the office got slightly opened. For a moment or so, I was not sure whether I should just sit there and do nothing and wait or it was an invitation to come inside.

IMG_0966The vivid feeling of knowing that I am about to be shown something came over me. The magnetic pull from the door was now vibrating in my direction.

I turned my head in that direction and saw a light coming from underneath the door. At first I only saw a very bright light, but then the door disappeared, and the brightness settled down.

Now I was able to see very clearly. Right there I saw the most incredible vision in front of me. It was a vision of a tree. It was simply breathtaking. Remarkable!

At first, I did not know what kind of tree it was. I did not understand what I was looking at. When suddenly I just knew it was the tree of life, light, and souls. I did not know “how” I knew it. No one told me anything.

It was just inner calm and peaceful knowing. Not right away, but with time, the understanding that this tree represented the purest form of life also entered into my consciousness. With that new understanding, I now was able to see small balls of light and energy moving up and down.

Some of those sparks were falling down, and some were rising up to the tree. The tree was dripping with its illuminating energy. I kept IMG_0930watching and could not take my eyes away. It was a magnetic and majestic vision.

The more I looked, the more knowing about this tree was coming to my awareness. I don’t know how long I was standing there and how long it took, but at some point I knew that the sparks that were rising up to the tree were souls coming home from their journey on earth.

They looked like morning dew, and their movement reminded me of lava lamps. Those that were falling down from the tree were the ones who were about to start their journey on earth.

As I kept looking at the tree, I thought that somewhere on the tree was the soul of my son and possibly souls of my future grandchildren. Then I also noticed aisle of other trees behind it, but they were not as bright as the first one. 

I did not know the purpose of the other trees. I still don’t. It felt that whoever was showing me this wanted me to pay attention and learn only about this particular tree. So I kept focusing only on this one tree and kept observing.

Being present at the tree brought me a sense of peace and goodness. It was such a beautiful and serene tree of life, light, anIMG_0948d soul. Then I noticed some humming coming from the tree, and I thought, Oh, this is a musical tree too. A tree of songs.

Once again, I saw weightless balloons floating up and down: a never-ending exchange of life, light, and love. Now I too knew that this tree was also a tree of love.

In the next few days, this vision stayed with me as if it was some kind of application that was running in the background of a computer. I was able to watch and remember and observe as much as I wished.

A few days later, a few new things took place. I was allowed to come closer to the tree, and I was able to become a part of its light, its energy.

Effortlessly, I was able to leave my body and became a ball of energy. I felt very airy. There was an energy coming from the tree, and it pulled me in.

When I got pulled to the tree, I felt an incredible connection to everything in the tree. I became a drop of energy as the rest of the drops. It was my tree. I bIMG_0935elonged there. I felt home. It was the most incredible and indescribable feeling that I have ever had.

Here on earth we can’t feel this. I don’t know why. We are just not able to. Maybe because of our bodies or maybe because of the low frequency of this field.

More likely a combination of factors and variables. But there, on that tree . . . aha . . . if only I could show it to you . . .

After a few moments, I noticed that I could hear soft whispers and felt that they were entering me in a spiraling motion. Soon, I was in the middle of a digital vortex that slowly was becoming a part of me.

As if a digital information was loaded, installed into me. What were they saying?

Then I realized that my eternal memories were coming back. I had memories. Those whispers brought my memories back. I remembered why I IMG_0927was born on earth. And why I came to this broken, dark, and cruel world.

Now I knew why I left the tree and traveled through space, time, the Milky Way, etc. Now I knew why I took a risk in coming here—of not remembering who I was, where is my home, and who they were. They whom I was destined to love

When we are entering this realm, we are losing our eternal memories. But for that there is an antidote. The antidote for temporary loss of eternal memories is love.

As long as love lives within us, we are able to attract and locate those we love and who were kindred souls on the Tree of Life. The vibration of our soul also allows our loved ones to locate us. 

Seeing that vision, seeing that tree, remembering why I came here, where I belonged, and where I am going, created a deep and profound feeling of calm. Witnessing being a spark from that Tree of Light, Life, and Love—the Tree of Souls—and hearing the hums and melodies of souls made so very clear for me that I too was a part of that song.

That I too had my own hum. That I too was the note and the sound of this collective song of the souls.IMG_1033

And that regardless what my loved ones and/or I had to endure in this world of darkness where eternal memories do not exist, we still have a song to sing. Each of us.

And those who were able to keep their love intact and keep on searching are able to find what they knew all along within their own heart and depth of their soul.

That the veil or layer that covered their memories will be shattered to pieces. They will be able to learn the truth. Maybe not all of it, but what is right for us. That everything that we will need to know will be returned to us drop by drop.  

I felt the presence of my son next to me. I knew all along that without his help, this would not be shown to me. Without him by my side, there would not be “my case.” There would not be “ME” by now.

My Case


I was having a terrible allergic reaction to a medication that was prescribed to me. The side effects were so severe that we had to call the paramedics, and I was taken to the emergency room. There, the doctors wanted to give me more medication, but not only was I not willing to take it in the concern of having more side effects, but my son also suggested to me not to. After signing a waiver form and releasing the doctors from the responsibility for my health, we were on our way back home.

The only thing left for me is to survive the night. Then in the morning try to have an urgent visit with a specialist and to see if anything can be done in my case.

My husband had fallen asleep. It was near the break of dawn, and I was feeling extremely fatigued. Yet I could not sleep.

Then I noticed that I was hearing angels singing as the sun was rising. I did not notice immediately. I was just looking at the sun when I remembered that the last time I heard them singing was back in 2008 right before I went to Israel and while I was in Israel.

So for almost four and a half years, I did not hear them. Now, once again, I was present at their chorus. From that, I knew that I was not doing so well. Based on my last four years of experience, I realized a correlation between my condition and the presence of the Divine. The sicker I was, the more vivid my relationship was with the Divine.  

Tears started to roll down my face. I could feel them burn. “Help, someone help!” I softly whispered. I did not even have the energy to cry out. I felt that my whisper was silent. I was not sure if something came out of my mouth or not.

I noticed two angels descending to my bed; one came on the left side and the other on the right. I saw my son sitting right next to me. I held his hand and looked at the angels again. Between them, I saw members of my family: father, grandparents, aunt, etc. I knew something was wrong. As usually I could see all of them only before someone was about to cross over. 

I looked at the angels and asked, “Why are you here?” They said, “We don’t know yet.”

I asked my grandmother the same question. She replied the same way. I looked at my son and asked the question. He said, “Mom, I honestly do not know why they are here.”

Someone from the background said, “We are here to nurture you, to support you, and to love you. This is what we know so far.”

The vividness of their presence disappeared for a second. I knew they were there, but for some reason I could not see them anymore. I felt air above me as if a window had opened. A voice asked, “Who is in charge of your heart?”

The voice within me answered, “G-d.” I was surprised by what it said. The answer came so suddenly out of me that it startled me.

Who gave that response? I thought.

“Who’s in charge of your life?”  

“G-d,” once again the answer came out of me, yet I did not know how it came out. Who was giving the answer? How?

“Who’s in charge of your heart?” the voice asked again. This time, I waited a second and answered on my own, “G-d.”

“Who is in charge of your soul?” Once again I paused and replied, “G-d.”

“Who’s in charge of your life?” I gave the same answer.

The voice asked again, “Who’s in charge of your heart?”

“My heart?” I asked.

“Yes, your heart.”

“G-d,” I replied.

“Who’s in charge of your soul?”

“My soul?” I asked.

“Yes, your soul.”


“Who’s in charge of your life?”

“G-d,” I answered again.

The voice kept asking me the same question, “Who’s in charge of your heart, soul, and life?” over and over again, at least seven more times. I questioned the voice at first but stopped questioning it after the third time. 

Every time, my voice got stronger as I answered the question. It was no longer an automatic answer; it was a consciously spoken response. I felt the same wind again, but this time, the window got closed.

A few minutes later, I saw myself standing in the middle of a room. It looked like the walls were made from cherrywood. The walls were empty. The room was not bright. There were no windows, no light.

I saw in front of me a very large square office desk that looked like those from the ’20s. The floor was even, and I was standing on the same level right in front of the desk. There was also a chair behind the desk, and no one was sitting on it.

Suddenly, something very quick moved between the desk and me. Then in a minute, I saw someone sitting on the chair, and in a second it was gone again. The only thing I could see was the movement of the body or the ripple effect of the body.

I could not see the face, but I knew it was a man of average height. The way he moved around my body was very quick, and it felt like a gray cloud surrounded me. It was soft but felt fixed around me. It took a few minutes for me to become comfortable and accustomed to what was happening. The figure finally asked me, “Are you So-and-So?”


“Do you know why you are here?”

“No, I don’t know.”

“You are here because I want to offer you something,” he said.

Suddenly, I saw the entire desk covered in gold coins. Some of them were even falling off the desk, and I could hear them clink as they hit the ground. Some of them rolled right up to my feet.

Then he moved his arm and pointed to the left side of the corner, and the left side of his office opened up. I could see a totally another reality there as if he opened a portal to another world.

Then he said, “Look carefully, this is the life I am going to offer you.” 

I shifted my eyes from the coins to the left corner. I started to see scenes. Some of them were showing me sitting in a bookstore signing books. I was a well-published and well-recognized writer. Then another scene was showing me having a radio show, and many other visions that were manifestations of the dreams that I once had.

The farther and farther I looked, and the more and more I tried to see what was there, the clearer and more vivid I could see of my personal success. And surely financial rewards. Lots of them. 

However, I could not see my children, my husband, or anyone I ever loved. It was all about me and me only. No one else was there.

“Do you see this? This is your life. This is what I can guarantee you,” he said. “I can give you the physical pleasures of the old world and more, but I need something in return from you.”

“What do you want from me?”

“With every opportunity you will have, the opportunities such as speaking to people, with people . . . you must deliver two messages. The first message is that G-d has abandoned you, so therefore, he abandoned everyone else. The second message is that you are in charge of your life. Therefore, everyone else is in charge of their life.”

“I cannot do that. That is not true,” I replied.

“What is not true?”

“G-d has not abandoned me and I am not in charge of my life.”

“What do you mean he has not abandoned you? Look at your life. You lost almost everything you loved, and everything you’ve worked for has crashed. Where is G-d? Look at your life. How can you tell me that G-d has not abandoned you? Do you have another offer on the table? Why has G-d not offered anything to you?”

“Yes, everything you said is true. My life is in ruins. I am experiencing tremendous pain. Yes, my son was taken from me. Yes, it’s true, I lost so much that I love, and my son is not here in the physical world. To the physical eye, that is all true. But though I am in deep pain, I still feel loved. I do not feel abandoned. As to why I’m suffering so much, I don’t know.

“I do know that I’m not alone. No one can go through what I am experiencing alone. And the reason why you are able to give me this offer is because of the enormous love from G-d and my son. I am not in control of my life. I am not going to lie. Look, throughout my life, I was given many opportunities to lie, but I try to stay away from those as much as I could. So I am not going to do it now.”

“So what you are saying is that you are declining my offer even though you have no other offer.”

“Yes, I would rather choose the unknown than your offer if I have to lie.”  

On that note, another voice said, “Wait there.” Everything shifted.

I ended up sitting in a very small waiting room that led to another office. A door opened, and I walked into another office. This office was about 30% larger than the previous room, and once again I faced a larger desk. This desk was one step above the floor on a platform. 

Behind the desk was a large chair with a very tall back. I could see a male figure. It was very solid, stable, and unmoving. I could not see the face. The face was in the shade.

I could see his elbow and right hand holding a folder. Though I was about four steps away from the desk, I somehow saw inside the folder and saw a questionnaire.

Though I did not know who exactly he was, I knew I was in the presence of an angel. Everything told me that he was a very significant figure. Important angel. 

Again I was asked my name. Then I was asked very detailed questions. I was asked minuscule details about what just took place in another office.

“Were you in another office? Were you offered a deal? Were you asked to say this and this?” Everything that was said and happened in the previous office was asked. After the questions were over, at the bottom there was a comment section.

“I understand you did not want to lie. Are there any other reasons you refused the deal?”

“Yes,” I replied. He asked, “What?

“I did not see my family, friends, or anyone I loved. Yes, I saw success but did not see my loved ones. A life without them is not worth it for me. When I looked at the end of my life, I did not see the relationship I am having with my son right now. I did not see the relationship with my divine family. Without that, all the golden coins and more were worth nothing.”

He took the notes of everything I said and then told me, “Wait over there.” I saw him leaving through a door. Everything shifted again.

I ended up in the waiting room of another office. I was sitting in room number 3. This time I saw my son sitting with me. I knew that he came to support me.

At that time, I had already returned to the physical reality. I still felt as if I or my soul was still sitting in a waiting room.

On March 15, we arrived at the doctor’s office, an allergy specialist. As we entered the medical office, it felt as if the physical and spiritual worlds collided. There is a saying about how two worlds can be parallel from each other. It happened on March 15, the two worlds collided.

Now I was sitting in the waiting room of both the physical and spiritual worlds, but there was no more separation. There was a sense of oneness. I waited for almost an hour to see the doctor. The doctor was very busy.

There were many children there, which made me sad. Allergies are not an easy thing to live with. Around 5:00 p.m., my husband asked me if I would be okay alone as he went to the restroom. I could see and feel my son sitting next to me. Both of us were waiting. 

A few minutes after he left, the door to the spiritual realm opened slightly, and I saw the light coming from the opening of the door.  

The voice behind the door said, “Your case is closed. You’re free to go.” 

I did not understand. “What? What are you saying?” I asked.

“It means that you are free to go.”

I asked, “Go where?”

“To your life.”

“What life?”

“You are free to go to your life, to live your life,” the voice replied. Then . . . and then the door closed. And it was over. Just like that. At the snap of a finger. Here I was present just to our linear, corporeal reality. What is all? What is next? 

The door opened, and a nurse came out and invited me to come in. I stood up from the bench and took a step into my life.

I Am Life


Mom, first – stop. You are running in many directions at high speed. Secondly, listen. Listen to me.

Yes you trusted me before, but not as much as I am asking you now. That is the point. You did many things right, just not 100%. Now I need you to make a choice to choose life and be in it 100%.

If you say that you trust that there is a plan for you, then trust that.  Trust that 100% and endure the unfolding of that plan.

Endure the wait, the unknown, the necessity of not having expectations and a feeling of being “short-given.”  That is not good enough for you is it? Learn how to walk and be thankful for everything.

Very often you were scared, having a panic attack only because the phone did not ring the same moment you were waiting for it. The fear, the doubts, and the pity are products of a different reality—of a different chair experience. 

You cannot have both any longer if you want to go with me. That old pattern only does one thing—it destroys you. It breaks you apart. It kills anything that is trying to take root so you cannot have a new life.

That keeps you in insanity mode where you are repeating the same mistake over and over again. If you want that to stop, if you want to rise and have a new life as I think you must, then choose life.

Choose life with a very simple guideline and stick to them 100%. You must have zero degree of deviation if you want to succeed.  Is it easy? Nope it is not.

I’m not promising you easy. I am promising you results.

You will have a result – you will have you… if you will choose to fight for your life. The biggest enemy is your old pattern, old habits and shadow self that was projected on you by your old life and environment.

You must break the system in which you are in. You must break patterns of thoughts and behavior. You must let go of what no longer serves you. You must face truth.  You must face it alone and be willing to walk alone. Alone with me.  You cannot have company. You cannot have partners in this.

This time around is not about your family. This time around is all about you and you only. This is about you choosing life on the way home.

It is about you giving up everything you have and knew before the candle of your life blows away. It’s about you dancing your last dance, singing your last song, and writing your last chapter. 

It’s about dancing with wings behind your back. Singing as a leading voice in choir.

It’s about completing your journey on earth on a high note and coming back home with wealth in your hands. Choose life and live it with your back straight and chin up till your last breath.

Choose life and walk the path that was designed for you and you only. No one else.

So, own it. Walk it. Breathe it. Accept it. Embrace it. Adore it. Enjoy it. Treasure it.  Love it. 

Be grateful for every moment, be that pain or pleasure or be that receiving a gift or feeling as if it is being taken away.

My dearest mommy, I am with you all the way and I am waiting for you too.

Choose life, mom. Choose you. Choose us. Choose mom with all your heart and all your soul and allow it to flow through you.

Stop fighting life and start fighting for you. Start fight For life.

Stop resisting the goodness and walk away from fear. There is no more time to wait. There is no more time to waste.

Choose life, choose it now. Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Let your new life begin.

Let go of false security. Let go of your fears.  It is a free fall from this moment forward. You are watched and cared for.

Say it mom, say it. Without any expectations. Without any fears or doubts. Without any waiting or wishing. Without any planning.

Say it : I choose life. I choose as my creator designed it for me. I choose my fate and destiny and no one else.

I choose my life with open heart and a vivid soul. I choose my life with faith, gratefulness, and trust.

I choose my life with everything in it till my last breath. I choose my life for better or worst and I trust my life and soul to the hands of my creator.

I wish to live my life to its fullest as it was designed for me. I choose my life. I choose my life.

I choose my life. The life that is given to me. The life as it is given to me. The life that is promised to me.

I choose life, I treasure this gift. I am grateful for this gift. I honor this gift. I choose to have this gift.

I was given an option to choose life or death. I choose life.

I choose life. I choose every drop till the last drop. I choose life.

I choose life—I am alive. I AM LIFE.