Work on Your Soul.


Hi, my dear mom. Wow, you have a new notebook. Don’t be scared of the black cover.   It will become the most healing of all notebooks.

I know that sometimes you question yourself whenever I share with you something very important and whether or not what you hear is true. What should I say to you mommy? Stop your doubts? To be patient? To trust? 

Nothing is going to help you at this time since you are in so much pain. So little time has passed.  My suggestion at this time is don’t push it and don’t stress about it. Just take one day at a time.

Trust your soul. Trust your guts. Trust you. Trust me. Everything else is not your problem. The biggest healing will come from focusing forward.  Remember : “Eternal life, eternal light.”

This is what your life is; it is G-d’s breath. Just keep breathing. Keep living.

So much work needs to be done. I will need every ounce of you, mom, so take the time now to heal. Heal your heart, mind, and soul.

I will need all of you very soon. Remember, above all, G-d has a plan for you. That’s it mom. 

G-d has a plan for you. Now let it all unfold. Don’t fight; don’t resist. Let it happen. That is all for today. 

Take care.

Love—your son.

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