No Recovery, only Transformation


Note : I got terrible ill  from 12-05-09 till 12-18-09.

Hi my dearest mommy,

I’m glad that you are feeling a little better. What a ride. What a week of pain, sorrow, and awakening. I’m very sorry you had to go through all this.

On the other hand, it was a must. We have to clean out all the extras in your mind and soul. I hope that you see now how nothing is stopping you from working. 

You and me. Mother and son. What a beautiful and strong team!  I’m sure with your loyalty and dedication, we will be able to overcome everything.

Mom, you’re right. There is no recovery. There is nothing in particular in getting back to status quo. It is gone, far in the past. It is not even the rebirth.

There is no process that starts with “re” that attaches us to the past pattern.  No one can recover or be reborn after this kind of experience.  There is no reconnection to what we were before.

The only option available is to shift, transform, and be awaken to a new reality or else we enter the sleep stage and become frozen in time. Pain either melts everything away, shifts us to something that did not exist before, or flash freezes us and then at some point, we break into pieces.

In the first option, we will become more flexible than ever and constantly move in a transformational shift till we become fully embodied as mothers of angels. If not, we will become motionless in past reality, frozen in time like a reflection, unable to integrate whom we are now.

We will become enslaved and captured by the energetic fields of the archetype of a grieving mother.

Therefore mom, recovery is not possible. It is a myth that can never be achieved. No one can recover after their child departs, but they can shift into something not yet in existence.

The metamorphosis process takes time and courage and most of all, trust. It takes trust since we are waking into something that did not exist before.

The process is fully engaged in the mystery of Divine alchemy. There in the laboratory of Divine love, the alchemic process of metamorphosis is borne.

That is where the divine love of the now divine child and mother’s love are combined under careful supervision by the master himself. And if we get involved in this process and the end unfolds trust, then, we can become something beautiful and amazing that was not there before.

Each of us in time will become a designated wounded healer on earth guided by the divine wisdom of our children. If that is not a good enough reason for living and walking forward, then I don’t know what else is. What else can be more important than providing divine service by teaming up with children?

So, as you see mom, Divine Providence is supervising this process very closely. Those who will allow Divine love to enter will heal others and be healed too.

They will not fully recover but their soul will bear more merits and will increase in size, energetically speaking. And their heart will be wiser to comprehend love, harmony, and compassion.

That is what I want for you so you can pass it onto others. With that, please remember and know:

  • You’re never alone, every step of the way.
  • Keep holding my hand.
  • As always, I love you my dearest mom.
  • Take a few more days off and then we will work more.

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