Respect My Mom



My dearest mom, I speak to you in the dark of night. To you I come bearing gifts of love and wisdom. My dearest mom, forgive my distance in which I now partake as a son of Heaven.

I wish so much to be with you right now in this same room where you are alone with just a notebook and a pen hoping to catch a glimpse of me, your very loved and stubborn son.

Oh how I miss you, mom. I miss your kisses, affection, scent of perfume, and the taste of food prepared by you just for me. Oh how I miss your touch when you laid your hand on my back or on my hair. Oh how I miss all that.

My dearest mom, I come to you with love, please love me back without any guilt, regrets, or self-inflicted pain. That is so unjust to you.

I beg you, forgive my weird and crazy mom for anything you still hold her responsible. I beg you to let my mom be in peace. She did her best and that is enough.

She is the best in my soul. Take this into your heart and nurture her for all that she is or is not. I love my mom beyond the borders of my body that rests in peace.

Let my mom be in peace so we can work together. Promise me you will stop eating yourself alive and drinking your blood drop by drop.

You are the best mom in my eyes; now learn to see it that way too. With that, healing will come and pain will leave.

You need to listen to this, please hear this, mom. I love you, mom. Trust that with all your soul and heart. You are the best.

Take that in and breathe that every night before you go to sleep and when you awake. You are the best mom for me; I do not wish for another.

I love you and only you with the heart of son every second of the day and every moment of the night. We are together. Know that.

I love you, mom. And now, truly love and respect my mom too.

Take care – Your son forever.



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