“Follow Only Your Soul”

11:06 am

Okay, mom, this is it, the start of a new life. You felt this life before. You thought about this life before. Now it is here.

You raised me and sent me on my way. You raised my brother and sent him on his journey. You were always helping everyone in the family. You always did what you could and that is why now you have to feel good and light.

I understand that change is not easy, but I also know that change is necessary. I know mom that you are starting a new life, path, and work.

That is why you should not rush. Feel what is right for you and stick by it. Do not allow anyone to influence you.

Follow only your route and only your voice of truth. Follow only your soul.

You must become stronger on the inside and protect what is important to you. Focus, mom, focus. This is very important.

It is crucial that your first steps are taken in the right direction. You must go slowly. Wait till it feels right to you.

I also need you to take care of yourself and be well. We will talk soon. Take care.

–Love, your son.

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