Man was born to labor

Hi my dearest mom,

Here is the seventh lunar month since my freedom.  I know this may sound harsh to you, but this is the truth.  Our bodies are so limited and restricted. Plus, all the pain, aches, and emotions—oh yes, emotions—are human electricity or the source of human energy.  They move us, stop us, heal us, and cripple us.

Even here in the vast majority of space, in the unlimited and infinite energetic field, even here we feel human emotions.  We feel smiles and suffering.

Is human life about suffering? Yes and no. Yes on that pain and suffering. Yes, that’s what most humans see in the Realm of Illusions, but not if seen from the Realm of Truth. In the Realm of Truth, we see it as a resistance to work for our soul.

As you swim, you move your feet, legs, and arms through water, slicing it to create movement. So as everything creates movement, we must push and push through pain and suffering everyday. Slice it, through the thickness of the matter at hand. So why does one need to face more training in resistance than others? That is a different question.

Is man born to suffer? The answer is I am not sure, because it depends on the psychology of the approach, religious background, and belief system. However, what I know for sure is that man was born to labor!

Is labor suffering? Is it the labor of the soul that is responsible for human suffering?  Is the labor of the soul a manufacturing plant for compassion, love, and nurturing?

Think about it, mom. In the meanwhile, come back to the knitting. We have work to do: scarves to design. My design: your labor. That is G-d’s formula.

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