Tel Aviv

9:45 a.m.

Note: Originally when we ordered the tickets, we were supposed to fly back to Los Angeles after the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah. However, after my last conversation by the Western Wall, I felt very strongly that this time we should not celebrate the Jewish New Year in Israel.

I don’t know the significance of that yet, but it felt to me as if we were pushed away. Our time now was over. I strongly felt that we had to go back right away. We called the airline and changed our tickets.

As we were getting ready to go to the airport, my son spoke to me and said the following (below is an excerpt):

Hi, my dearest mom, this is your star (celestial) son. Finally your last day in Israel has come—the land of our ancestors, our people, and the land given to us to live in peace and love.

But the Earth as a whole is in turmoil, and that is why we, celestial children, are coming to you—our parents—to stop the suffering of the parents and everything else.

I know that there are many issues you are still confused about and you are still not seeing clearly. That is very understandable. There are too many lies and toxins at this time.

It is similar to a jeep that is driving through the badlands on crooked unpaved roads through rain and snow, smattered with mud. It becomes dirty and unrecognizable. This is the time to wash the car. When the car gets washed, everybody will see the color again and know the truth again. Everyone will know what and why.

You, Mom, must also go through the car wash. The only thing that you need right now is to remember who you are and continuously walk in the direction your soul directs.

  • Do not pressure yourself.
  • Don’t say something to yourself that doesn’t exist.
  • Don’t convince yourself to do something you don’t want to do.
  • Do only what you feel is right for you.

Do not fake anything. Do not create something that is not there. Wait for your inner voice to tell you what to do next. Do not act on your brain.

You must know and remember that I am next to you, always and everywhere. Talk to me. Consult with me. Do not fear. You are not alone.

The more you spend time by yourself in the silence, the more we will be able to do something together. I am going to be your guide. I am going to be that strength guiding you in the right direction.

I need your attention, understanding, work ethic, and focus. I need you to listen and hear me just as you do now. Take away your desires and the feeling that you are a failure because of my departure.

You are a mother and my mother, and that is already a big achievement.

Therefore, just be my mother. That is all that is asked of you now. I know that I am not an earthly son anymore; however, I am now your celestial son.

It is not very easy to be a celestial son to you because you were not given an example of how to be a mother of a celestial child. No one taught you how to take care of a celestial child. Consequently, you must learn by yourself.

Every celestial child still has work to do on earth. Therefore, they are coming back to earth to reach out and communicate with their parents and become their guides. The parents must learn how to receive a project, and the celestial children are responsible for assisting their parents with the project.

But what happens if parents cannot hear their child? If parents cannot establish the connection and communication, then the earthly illusion of loss remains. After that, the struggles, suffering, and sorrow take place.

I know that you are packing your bags right now, and I really need you to go back with the following thoughts:

  • We are traveling together.
  • You have a job to do with me.
  • You have a celestial son.
  • You do not have sorrow. You have work and responsibilities.

I need your help. I need your understanding. I need your expertise. I need your love. I need you. I need my mother.

Mom, I need you now more than I ever needed you. I love you really much.

I’m always around you. Please be right next to me too.
—Your celestial son.

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