Hi, my dearest mommy. It’s already been 8 months since I last saw you at the door with your wide-open arms and kind smile.

IMG_0838Eight moons ago you started your new chapter in earth life as I started my new and infinite life. In this beginning, once again we are united for eternity.

I am so thankful and honored to be your son. What a blessing that was for my soul.  If only you can feel how much you’re loved by me while your pen runs across the page and how fortunate I am to have you as my mom, especially now.

I am still amazed by how well you can hear me and how much you love me and how deep your dedication is to me. Why did I not see that before?  Of course I was just a silly little boy. I love you mom. I am here; do not worry.  I am not going anywhere ever. Our relationship and bond will only get stronger and more rewarding for both of us. Do not worry.


Okay, I’m back.  Before you go, I want to suggest to you a direction you should address and focus on.

  • Be very clear on what it means to fight for your life.
  • Focus on the balance and the full self-expression of your being. Focus on overachiever issues. I think this will be a very good start.  Maybe this will help you and maybe it will help others later with their celestial children.
  • You must take care of that feeling of shame (and what other people think about you).  There’s not much more I can add to this.  I’ve said plenty.

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