Stay Away from Dark and Angry Energies


Mom, we need to talk.  Number one, please know that you do not have any curses or spells from anyone. I can see that from here.

What you are feeling is the shadow of your childhood, when you were little. But you are an adult now.  And that part of life does not has the power over you any longer. You have a power over anything that ever happened to you . 

The human darkness, angers, and fears cannot hold or imprison you and your soul.  And that is your lesson.

  • You have no need to engage your energy with something that is dark and angry. 
  • Stay in your warmth and fuzziness; that is what melts all the negativity. 
  • Stay still.  Be still. The more you move, the more the sticky stuff gets onto you.
  • Your pain because of my departure is understandable. It’s deep and it’s sharp.

But this pain can cut out things you no longer need in your life. Use this pain as a surgical knife or scalpel to cut, cut, cut, all that is old and heavy.

The truth is, you had other pains before I left.  You were not always happy.  At times you were depressed as well.

Now mom, use this pain, my pain, to fight the pain from before. My shift is your opportunity for your shift.

My leaving from earth is your opportunity to fully come back. There’s no more room for escape, depression, and victimization. No more room.  You have to fight for your life. There’s no more room not to do so.

Mom, you must create a new order in your life.  Use your pain to crawl out the darkness. .

You must create a new order and new life. I know this is a tall order, but I’m here and I will help. We will do it together.

–Love your son

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