Walk With Me


Hi, mommy.  It’s already been seven months. Time flies very fast on Earth but here it feels like it has only been a mini second.

There, where you are, everything feels longer and more difficult.  Here, time does not exist. I have to say that’s amazing. 

The concept of time is one of the segments that really affect reality and does not really support “Now.” You, mom, can shake time. When you do that, you will realize there was never seven months between us, and that I never really left.

Though it is true that I went into your dream to give you the time of my departure, I did it for one reason.  That is so you can deal with earthly matters.

I know you are still thinking back to that night with more questions and doubts. I don’t want to sound harsh but you need to stop that. Stop, stop, stop!  Mom, stop it. That is my life. My destiny. My time. My path. You as my mom must love and support me through all this.

I know I was giving you a hard time before and I know that I am giving you an even harder time now, but that is the path of a mother.  A mother must walk with her child no matter what. 

Your focus as a mother must be on the child’s needs.  You know this; you’ve done it before. I need you to do it again and again. You are my mom. You are the best and I will forever be your son. 

A mother must walk with her child no matter what.

I am sorry I am not physically there, but I am here with you my dearest mother. I am sitting next to you, hugging you right now.  Can you feel it?  Mommy, I love you.  Remember, G-d has a plan for you.


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