A) Rise from the Ground

8:50 p.m.

Note: During the funeral, I collapsed. In the months and years to come, it felt to me as if I was left there forever. I thought that I would never rise from the ground again. How could I?

However, my son was repeatedly saying to me that I must rise up. That it was my duty to life to rise up from the ground. He also said that the only way for me to get up from the ground is to rise as a mother of an angel.

He was saying to me that if I would not rise from the ground as a mother of an angel, then it would be almost too impossible for me to keep walking and to live my life. I knew that it was true in my case.


Hello, my dearest mommy, thank you for coming to visit me today. I’m always happy to see you when you visit me at my home on earth. Yes, I know that is excruciating painful for you to hear, but what are you going to do? This our fate.

Now, Mom, let me tell you about the concept of the Mother of An Angel. Remember what I told you about rising from the ground to become a mother of an angel?  Here it is. 

The only way to rise from the ground as a mother of an angel is if the mind holds onto one assumption: there is a heaven where your child resides.

If there is no trust in G-d, there are no angels or mothers of angels.

However, if someone trusts that there is another realm, and that realm exists and children have shifted there, then the connection between the parent and child is still exists.

Then the possibility of a future relationship (though a different relationship) is still there. Then there is an opportunity for a mother on a grave to rise as a mother of an angel with the duty, mission, and passion to complete the task and return home to the children where they are waiting. Every mother wants their children to see her in grace and dignity.

It’s important for every mother to understand that when her child is born and the soul enters the body, the make up of the future is changed forever. When the soul leaves the child’s body, the same thing happens again.

The future is changed again once more. Nothing else has such impact as the birth and death of a child. This conversation would never have happened if I were still the same.

My shift changed you forever as well. Now, you can change others, but only from the position of a mother of an angel, meaning you are fully aware of G-d presence with Zero Degree of Deviation. You will have no worries since your angel will guard you, guide you, love you, and hear you.

I also promise to shape you with the conduct of ethics of a mother of an angel. (Note: See the following post.

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