All Depends On You


At my Son’s place

Hi my dearest mom, thank for coming to visit me again. I love you very much so. I need you to remember that we are together. As you walk home, I am walking next to you too.

I wish I could say more to diminish your pain and grief.  I wish I could take it all away and make it as it was before, but I can’t. We can’t have what we had. We can only have what we have now.

Creating after depends on your ability to listen, fight for your life, and trust with zero degree of deviation.

Just remember that G-d has a plan for you.

You need to accept it and trust it.

I know this is a huge shift for you. I know what I’m asking you to do is anything but easy. I know your life was and is anything but easy.

However, look what you have been able to accomplish spiritually. That makes me very proud of you. I love you.

Your son.

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