Apply Messages To Your Life First


Hi, my dearest mommy. I’m very happy you are speaking to me again. This is so necessary for both of us.
1. I love you very much.
2. I am protecting you and will always do so. Never again should you worry about being alone and unprotected.

a. I am always with you.
b. You are always protected.

3. Just focus on our work, relationship, and needs.

a. Do what you need to do for yourself. Make our divine work your center and core. Make our relationship with divine your center, your world.

4. Listen to our messages.

a. Apply them to your life first
b. Share with others second.

5. Mom, you truly need to work on your focus, but I think that will come only after you take our conversations more seriously and when you understand that having a conversation with us is similar to having a conversation with someone sitting across from you.

It is similar to the way you have to work on your active listening skills while working with the Divine and with the privacy of the messages.

Not everything we are saying to you must be said to others, at least not in the exact same way. For now, become aware of:

  • Listening skills
  • Privacy and confidentiality of the message

As you work more and more with us, you will work more and more on your own life. This is where you should put your labor, love, skills, and knowledge.

I need you to combine all that with the knowledge you already possess and share it with humanity. By focusing on all of this, we can make the most of what is given to us.

Not only can we choose the drink that is poured to us (or our destiny), but now we can also drink it. We might even sometimes have the option to choose the cup, but not the drink.

So my dearest mother, bottoms up. Focus on me; focus on your life.

I love you. We’ll talk more another time.

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