Citizens of Heaven


 At My Son Place

Hi, my dearest mommy.  Thank you for coming to visit me. I love when you sit next to me. I can feel your presence closer to me.

Please don’t suffer my dearest mommy, I am always with you every minute and everywhere you go. Regardless where you go or where you are, I am with you.

I am forever your loyal son.  I am your wisest angel. You are right in thinking your soul had to become a soul of higher vibration. That way, in the end, we will be closer to each other than even now. And yes , you are also right in thinking that because you are here, you still have work to do.

However, you have to remember that you are not alone. You have to know that not only I, your son and angel, am with you, but also many other energies of love.

You are very loved and respected by us, Citizens of HeavenI know that you like this name; that is who we really are, a labor force of Hashem (G-d).  

The darkness of the human soul is rooted in greed, envy, anger, and cruelty to fellow human beings.  Until we see and understand this, the darkness will continue to spread its wings upon the collective soul of humanity. The soil by which darkness grows is from greed, envy, and anger.

I’m not asking you to do anything at this time. You are not healed yet. It is too early for you. The content is not there yet. However, that is what I need you to do.  These are the steps:

  1. Write with me everyday.
  2. Listen to me everyday.
  3. Heal yourself everyday.
  4. Stop worrying everyday.
  5. Stop suffering everyday.

That is plenty for you to do at this time. And remember to fight, fight, and fight for your life everyday.

I love you.  I miss you.  I am here with you. You always were and always will be my crazy and weird mom.

We are not done yet. This is only a beginning of an amazing path between a mother and her son. Take care till we speak again.

Be well. Be here. Be loved. And as you leave today, just remember:

  • You’re not alone.
  • G-d has a plan for you.
  • We’re watching you at every step and at every moment.

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