Do Not Fear


Mommy, mommy, please remember that I’m not only your angel, but also my dad’s. It doesn’t matter if you’re fearful or not, it will not change anything. You have to learn how to live without fear. 

Do not fear. Do not fear. Do not fear. Do not fear. Do not fear.  Just walk, walk, walk, and walk.

G-d has a plan for you; there is no escape. Yes, it sounds harsh, unfair, and scary. It doesn’t mean it is that way.

It’s painful and harsh and sometimes unbearable, but it is what it is. It is life on earth.

Why or what, we do not know, but Divine Providence knows. So trust that. Trust his knowledge and his care. Trust that I’m here. Trust that I’m watching you too.

Your role has not been an easy one so far. It might not be that easy down the road as well, but it is your road and no one else’s. No one is ready for Life. No one.

They think they are, but trust me, no one is. They’re all in suffering and pain just like you. And there is no one who can come and make it disappear. No one, but Divine Providence. That is why you have to trust. Trust him/her and trust the plan for you. You have no other options.

Okay, you can lie in bed all day and hide. That does not mean he won’t find you if he needs you. By looking at those others, you already know what fear has done to them. I know you don’t want that for yourself. So don’t allow it.

Don’t allow fear to grab hold of you. Embrace what you have, what was given, or taken away from you. Embrace. I’m not sure what else to tell you.  Just know that I love you.

 Note :  It was very intriguing to hear “not to fear” five times and “walk” only four times.  I remember hearing a story about a woman who asked the Rabbi what is the most used phrase in the Bible. The Rabbi could not answer the question.  Then, the woman responded with, “Do not fear.”

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