Find Your Own Life


My Son’s Place

Hi mommy, finally you are writing. For me, this is the time to have my voice heard. Thank you for coming. I have so much to tell you.

  1. You are not responsible for my departure. I have my own destiny, fate, and relationship with G-d.
  2. Once again, life and death is in G-d’s realm.  No one can alter that. No one has control over this.  Who lives, who dies, and how it will happen and when it will happen etc. is all carefully planned.
  3. Oh gosh mom, do not go to your past; it is sealed.
  4. You will have to find your own life. You will have to find your own room in this life that is just yours. Find the room that you are most comfortable in today.  Find the room that represents who you are today. Dress yourself and be who you want to be today. And as you transform, you will change the room and your dresses. Do not feel stuck or feel obligated to stay in the same room, but remember that whomever you are today with whatever you have; you still have a place in this life.
  5. Not everyone can get you right now and not everyone can give you what you need.  You knew that before and still know it now.
  6. Do not worry about my brother. We’re brothers for life; this is done.
  7. About you, I am worried. It seems to me that you deviate a lot and cannot focus. Write with me mom. Write with me. Speak with me.
  8. You just need to focus on getting better. Find that room that makes you feel at home. That is extremely important.  


 IMG_1013 That is all I can tell you today. Yes, I love you.

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