Find a New Vision For Your Life


Now mommy, do you see how long it has been since we last communicated? I see how complicated this all is, especially how it’s been 18 months since the center of the horror took place.

The fact that you are suffering physically is not helping us. Yes, everything is crumbling. Everything in the past is safe. Present is in ruin. The new cannot be seen yet.

Note : I saw myself sitting on the ruins of my home with my face covered in ash and photos scattered on the ground. Everything was broken and destroyed except for the steps I was sitting on. There was nothing to savage.

In order for you to go forward, you have to change your vision of life. Think about the following:

    • Your relationship with children and your relationship with parents.
    • Your relationship to life, pain, suffering, and to your ability to accept life the way it is.
    • And of course, it is incredibly difficult dealing with the notion of escaping life and swallowing what life is. It’s incredibly difficult to choose your true/honest path. This is not simple. First of all, be honest with who you are.
    • However, mommy, I am absolutely convinced that you will be able to do all this. The only thing I’m asking you to do is to not pressure yourself, and then everything will be fine. It’s also important for you to get enough sleep and rest. In order for that to happen, you must write with me everyday. You need to focus on not getting distracted by unnecessary things.

Be with me my dearest mommy. Together we will walk across the mountains, meadows, and seas.

Together we are very strong. Talk to me, write with me, and consult with me. I will be the wings behind your back.


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