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My Son’s Place

Dear mommy,

Thank you for coming to visit me. I know you are concerned about our conversation and a religious leader.  Let it go mom, let it go. Remember that those that are here to work are guided by Heaven and will not work alone.

I also want you to stop dwelling on the past. Did you make mistakes? Of course, but not the ones you think you did.

Remember that you are human. You must remember that compared to others, you at least didn’t kill anyone. You must remember your old surroundings and how you lacked the current knowledge.

(Note :He was referring to when I had no spiritual knowledge back in former USSR  due to spiritually stifled environment.)

You cannot expect 2nd grade students to solve a 10th grade level mathematical problem. Give yourself room for growth and for being human. Focus on Now.

    • Focus on us, mom.
    • Focus on you.
    • Focus on your relationship with Above.

Do not think about finishing your own life. That will not work.

I do not approve. No, no, no. Focus on the conditions of your soul and the moment of Return.
The Moment of Return is a fixed point. It is set in time. Be ready to be called at any moment, with or without notice.

Look Forward, not Back
Think Now, not Yesterday
Get ready for more
More actions
More deeds
More opportunities to improve
More opportunities to extend the merits of your soul

Wait to respond. Listen and accept.  Then move forward. You are watched and guided.

You are blessed and cared for. You are loved and respected. You are not alone.

–Your Son

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