Four Cornerstones for the Healthy Living of the Soul


At My Son Place

Thank you for coming to talk to me.  I was waiting for you. I’m glad that now you have something to look forward to.  ( During the nigh I was given a title for the book that I must write ).

It is very important for you to take care of yourself.  If you do not take care of yourself, you will enter the path of destruction. We must see what contributes to the soul and what takes energy away from the soul. You must also become aware of the sources of energy, joy, and happiness for the soul.

A. The most important thing is that we must know who we are. We must become aware of our identity. True, there are many layers that make up the depth.  There are many facets that can be labeled and addressed. Let’s simplify the layers.

  1. Let’s agree that we are human.
  2. Gender
  3. Ethnicity and religion
  4. Role we play in the family
  5. Our occupation

B. Let’s address number one, that of which we are human. The minute we acknowledge that we are humans, than right away we must know and be aware that we have 1) soul 2) free will.

C. The soul has a purpose that becomes more than it is in the moment of entry. When the soul enters a human body, that human becomes more than he or she ever was before.  It shifts the body to a different level.

D. We also must acknowledge that there is a source of love that created us for which we must answer to. For those who are aware that there is a creator and wants to preserve the innocence of the soul and provide the wellbeing style of life so the soul can be nurtured and loved, the next step is a full awareness of the existence of the plan for them and everyone.  There is a plan and there is destiny. There is a path that is unique to individuals, yet collectively shared, because it is grounded by time and space.

E. Therefore, acceptance of that and the will of the creator is one of the cornerstones for wellbeing. With that understanding comes trust. The two cannot survive without each other. The degree of trust equals the degree of acceptance of your own destiny. That equals the awareness that there is a path for you and there is a plan for you.

F. With that attitude and mindset, we will travel and participate in this plan, which will make or break the wellbeing of the soul. How will humans use their free will? What will they hold as the truth?  What they choose to see and act will affect the condition of their soul.  This is the second cornerstone for the wellbeing of the soul.

G. Having clear understanding of what corrupts, steals, heals, and wounds the soul is an essential part of the process. We will talk about this later but mark the following: the knowledge and awareness of what constitutes the danger to the wellbeing of the soul is the third cornerstone for the healthy living of the soul.

H. The fourth cornerstone consists of the following: commitment to the preservation of the innocence of the soul, the drive for respect and loyalty to the parts for which we were entrusted, and the high awareness that this, like souls and its beings, must be treasured and protected not only in ourselves but also in others. In other sense, we must trust that others’ also have souls and our actions affect our souls.

I. Without the concept “The loyalty to the innocence of the soul,” the castle will become a house of cards standing on sand, ready to sink once the first challenge or plan is presented. The loyalty to the soul guarantees upmost freedom that humans can experience and no one on earth can take it away. That is what constitutes the knowledge in which no one can dispute.

Well that is all for today. Talk to you soon mom. I love you. Hold my hand and let’s go. Let’s create our time together. I love you mom.

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