Irrigation System for the Soul


At My Son Place

Hello my dearest mom, thank you for coming to visit me. Now, let’s talk. It seems to me that you are having a difficult time grasping what contributes to the wellness of the soul.

I. You really need to understand that the soul is not alone. This soul or that soul is responsible and capable of not only gaining more energy, but also preserving itself from being damaged, wounded, blemished, or broken down.

First we must focus on quality and quantity of energetic fields. If someone can achieve how to achieve the softness, sensitivity, and tenderness of the soul as it enters the earth realm, that is a huge step in the right direction—the direction of wellness.

How can one preserve the tenderness of the soul and not enter the desert-like stage where the soil of the field is dry allowing nothing to grow anymore?

What is the irrigation system for the soul? What keeps the human soul moist and rich to assure a potent environment from which good seeds can grow?

1.The irrigation system is quite simple. The soul should never cut itself from the source. The connection to the source of creation is imperative just as a baby must have breast milk. If you take it away, it will starve.

So what constitutes the breast milk for the soul? What is the connection to the source? Here it is clean and simple. 

a )Awareness of togetherness and belonging

b) No mistaking who is who and who is where. There is no mistake in who we were born as and where we were born at.

2. Connection with nature and living beings.
3. Feeling of responsibility for its own wellness.
4. Last but not least, ” open mouth”  condition. Meaning willingness and openness to receive. If a baby’s mouth is closed, no milk can get into the system. The soul must be willing to suck the breast milk of its creator.

II. Another one is the self-irrigation system, where the soul has the responsibility to avoid environments that create dry spells, such as negative situations without love. 

Anger, greed, and fear are some of the biggest contributors to the dry seasons of the soul. Melting away those conditions will irrigate the soul.

This is all you need to know today.  Next we’ll talk about what nurtures the soul.

Don’t worry mom, this is your way home. This is your process. Just go with it.  Don’t rush it. Don’t obsess about it. Enjoy it. Learning how to enjoy is one of the biggest lessons.

After you’ve done it, there are no other options; only this one. Try to think this way, and your soul will be restored to health in no time. It is all about the experience and the journey.

On your way home, mom, try to enjoy your experience and know that you are not alone. Not only am I waiting for you at home, but I am holding your hand as well.

We are working together. Be well, talk to me everyday. And most of all, remember:

  • I love you.
  • I’m here for you.
  • Hold my hand and let’s go home together.
  • Everything is real.
  • With every step, you’re closer and closer to home.
  • I wait for you. I am here. I love you.

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