Keep Your Light On!

9:43 a.m.

Hi my dear mommy,

Problems, problems, problems. Pain and sorrow; I know. It will become less painful as you work with my words more.

  • You will gain focus and strength.
  • You will find your center and gain your peace.
  • Take your time and don’t rush. However, do something every day. Clean your desk. Make room in your life for the work of life.
  • You are going home.
  • Select carefully on what and who wants to add to your shine and what and who wants to dim you down.


Do not allow anyone to dim your light. That’s all you need to know today.

Keep your light on!!!

–Your Son

Note: After this conversation, I realized that I needed to do an inventory of my life. So in my quest of how to fight for my life, I needed to find and cut off anything or anyone that was not supporting me.

I remember waking up in the morning with a very clear thought. The thought said, “I have so much pain in my life. Why would I want to keep anyone who adds more pain?”

That was the turning point in letting go of everyone and everything that did not support me in my fight for my life. There was not that much left anyway. 

Did you ever notice that when we are in pain and down there is always someone who wants to add more pain on top of all the suffering?

Why will some people kick someone when one is already on the ground lifeless? Is it not enough? That was beyond my comprehension.

I know it may sound naive, but as I child, I too never was able to understand why people were laughing when during the performance in the circus two clowns were hitting each other. What is so funny about that?

What can I say . . . indifference is a really a terrible illness of any society and humanity at large. 

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