Your Obligation Is To Get Well


Hi my dearest mommy,

It’s so nice that you and I are talking again. I love you so much, and I want you to be well. I know you got sick again, but let me tell you something: you needed that. 

You needed to be sick to get away from everyone and burn up the energetic garbage that was building up in your system. ( He was referring to how every time I met with different people, I would get ill. Also, meeting other people brought out very negative feelings inside of me as I felt that they were acting mean and unconsidered and were adding more weight to the pain I already had.).  

Do you feel any changes? Your energetic makeup is changing. We need you to shift even more so. With those changes, you will be able to fight for your life even more.  Let’s talk about feelings of obligations, which are constantly on your mind. 

There is only one obligation you truly have, and that is getting well.

You must get well and your soul must grow and evolve. One way to evolve is to accept Divine Providence’s plan, meaning to accept the life given to you along with everything included.

That is not a simple task, mom, it really isn’t. There is a question rising in you and that question is: “Do we have any say in all this?  If there is a plan for us, do we have a say on this plan?”

The answer is yes. We do have a say on how we approach the plan, what is right and or wrong, and to follow the order or not.  Yes it looks very complicated, but it is actually quite simple.

Simplicity comes from knowing that no one knows the truth, but you do. Only you know about your soul and life. Also, no one knows what is going to happen for sure.  That knowledge is not for the human mind; it is just guess work.

What we do need to know will be shown to us.  In that we must have trust.  I need you to trust, mom, that your path will be shown to you when the time is right. And for this particular moment, just do what has to be done. Just get well!

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