On the Way Home

6:52 p.m.

Note: I had a vision with my son in it, which I had not recorded at the time. Therefore, I don’t have an exact time and date. However, the conversation we had on this day (read below after my note) directly correlated to the vision.

In my vision, my son said to me:

“Mom, do you remember when my brother and I would go away, on a trip or something? Then, when we came back home, we would look hungry, tired, and sometimes messy? Do you remember that?

You always would meet us with a smile. Then you would feed us with our favorite dishes that were freshly cooked. You would help to clean us up as well and organize our things. Then we will go to sleep in our clean and soft beds. Every time, after every journey that we took, you took care of us. Remember?

Well, Mom . . . you are on a journey too. Everyone is in fact on a journey. The truth is that Earth is not our home. It is our home away from home. And when our journey is over, we return to our true home. That is where I am right now. I am at home.

That is where you will be going too. That is where everyone will go. Though we cannot control when our journey ends, what we can control is how and in what condition we are in when we go home.

We can enter home either as a shining star, happy, healthy, and neatly dressed or as someone who is terribly hungry, messy, not feeling well, and needs a bath right away.

This is what I want you to be aware of and choose how you are going home by considering every action, word, and response. Choose how you are going home!”

This vision gave me the clarity and something to hold on to. I started to think something along this line: “I’m going home.” Of course, if I’m going home, I do not want to embarrass my son.

One of the reasons I was still able to keep my head above the water, regardless of what was happening with my health and other facets of my life, was this vision. Why? I did not want to embarrass my son.

I did not want to embarrass my son by the way I looked upon my entry. In the end, I was his forever mom. I had to look presentable. I did not want to be pitied. I did not want anyone feeling “sorry” for me too. Therefore, I knew that I must. I must! 

Hi Mommy,

Hi my dearest. Finally we are talking again. Please listen to me, I really need you to listen to me.

Please do not worry. I really need you to remember that G-d has a plan for you. There is no way you can run or hide from that plan. It’s impossible.

On your way home, you will have to face what G-d has planned for you. You must. There is no other way. Just please know that whatever it is, you will be able to deal with it.

Just walk one day at a time and think something like this: Today I am sitting in my beautiful house which I made for myself; today I will try to go for a swim; today I will be able to buy food and eat; today, right now, I am talking to my son; today I am fine, well, and comfortable. That is all. That is the plan for today.

You see, Mom, your worrying is not contributing to the wellness of your soul.

Do you want to come home shining, well and sound? Then worrying has no room in your life.

Just trust and accept. That is all. Remember this and trust and accept.

Trust the plan. Accept the plan. Trust that you can and will deal with it. Accept the weather in which you live. Accept the climate of the plan. Trust that according to plan, you will be provided. Trust this is the best plan for you.

You must build your confidence in Divine Providence. You must build confidence in you. You must build confidence in the plan. You, Divine Providence, and the Plan is what is important.

I’m next to you on every step. I will bring you home, mom. I will guide you home, mom. I’m traveling with you. You are not alone.

You never were and never will be. You’re loved so dearly. The Universe loves you dearly. Please know that you’re loved very much.

So my dearest weird and crazy mom, try to go for a swim. I love you. Thank you for listening.

—Your son.


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