B) Conduct of a Mother of an Angel

As a mother of an angel, I promise to live my life from this point forward with an open heart that is filled with love for my G-d and creator.

I promise to trust the design and the designer with my life and events that are taking place in my life.

I fully understand that the matter of life and death belongs only to G-d Almighty, so the responsibility of a son’s or daughter’s shift rests solely on the creator’s shoulders.

I as a mother of an angel fully accept the responsibility of my own life and will make every attempt possible to stay away from using the departure of a child as an excuse for depression, pity, and not fulfilling my responsibility to society.

I as a mother of an angel am fully aware that every word and action I take from this day forward is recorded and counted as my own responsibility and has a tremendous effect on the well-being of the angel assigned to me.

Therefore, I promise from this day forward to live a most ethical life and contribute to the betterment of this world in any way possible.

I’m fully aware that the opportunity for good deeds will be provided to me, and I will consider every opportunity with caution and awareness that it comes directly from heaven.

I as a mother of an angel will take every opportunity from this day forward to live a life without fear, confusion, and doubts. I accept and trust that my child is an angel granted to me for my protection and guidance.

I fully understand that this is the allegiance of the mother of an angel. I freely choose to join the army of Divine Providence with one purpose only: to beautify earth by bringing divine beauty into every word and every action of my life.

I understand that my task as a mother of an angel is to assist and participate in the process of creating an earth as a dwelling place for my master, creator, my G-d.

Every step I take and every word I speak from this day forward will be filled with meaning and attention to bring joy, harmony, love, and grace to my life and the life of others.

I am truly aware that I have an assistant angel whose task is to assist me in my responsibility of bringing Divine beauty to earth. As a mother of an angel, I fully accept the responsibility stated above.

I trust that. I love that. I remember that. I am awake. I am the mother of an angel. I am a daughter of G-d.


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