G-d Is a Poet

Between 10-03-09 and 11-04-09, I had a vision but did not write down the exact date and who was talking. Here is what was said to me:

G-d is a poet. That is why when G-d commands, there must be hidden poetry inside.

The life of every human being who ever lived or is living is poetry. That is why when we are in moments of greatest pain or greatest joy, we turn to poetry.

That is when the best poetry is written, read, and understood. The poetic expression of our G-d is the root of life itself. That is why when we turn to G-d, it is in the poetic form of songs.

That is why when we pray, we sing. Poetry is the essence of the soul, the native tongue of G-d.

Find the poetry in everyday routine and you will be able to see the face of G-d. Therefore, to be connected to Divine Providence is to write poetry with your life.

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