Protect Against Apathy

11:59 a.m.

Note: This was the time when opportunities for teaching stopped coming. It felt to me that regardless of what I did, everything was falling apart. I could not understand why this was happening. Everything was shutting down at the same time again. 

My work, my job, left me the same way as my friends left me—without any notice. As if a giant wave came and swept all away. I began to think, “Why bother?” Depression was knocking at my door.

Also around that time, illness started to take over my body. It felt to me as if even my skeleton was crumbling within me.  

Hi Mom,

It’s very heavy for you. I can see and feel it. I know. Now you understand that life on earth is very hard. Sometimes it feels impossible to continue working. Sometimes putting one foot in front of another feels useless and worthless.  You can see now how the will to live can be lost and how apathy can take hold of the soul and heart.

Yes, mom, apathy is like the “dream-death” state of the soul. Apathy is the true death.  When shell/body stops, the soul lives and continues to prosper and expand.

In apathy, the soul goes to a metaphoric stage, like a coma or deep sleep where expansion and growth stops. Apathy is one of the most dangerous stages for the soul.

What can you do in order to stop or prevent from falling to this stage?

  1. Be aware that apathy exists and know what results of the soul.
  2. The factor, or also known as the vaccine, that can prevent the soul from getting sick or infected by the virus apathy, must be found.

a. The factor that can shield the soul is called Guardians of Light.  What or who are the Guardians of Light?  

b. The Guardians of Light are the channels of communication. It is like a vein with the blood supply. As long as the channel is open or the blood flowing or as long as energy is circulating between the soul and its source, apathy cannot take hold of the soul.

c. Only when that passage gets terminated or blocked like old toilet pipes where water can no longer flow, then the Guardian of Light and Guardian of Life cannot ensure the wellbeing of the soul.

3.   So what clogs the system?

     a. The major contributor is loss of memory: the loss of memory of our connection to our creator and the       collective.

b. Loss of hearing: when we stop hearing the whispers of the universe, it becomes impossible to receive love and support.

c. Loss of knowledge: No longer knowing that there is a plan for us and a unique path we must journey.

d. Lack of skills in dealing with the situation: Face it, not everyone knows how to clean their home’s plumbing system and what to do if the pipes get plugged or how to prevent the plug in the first place.

4. Preventative knowledge: The truth is that it is easier to prevent apathy than to bring the soul back from that stage.

a. One of the most important steps in that direction is protecting the soul from exhaustion.

b. It is very important to remind ourselves that when we meet boulders blocking our path, it is not necessary to remove them all. Sometimes you just need to walk around them. The point is that we either use energy for working or energy for removing. If we over-exhaust ourselves with removing objects, then we can no longer work. Then apathy will have easy access to our soul.

c. A tired and tormented soul attracts apathy. Sometimes we just have to tell ourselves that this boulder is not for removing.

d. How do you know which boulders to remove? How do we know what we’re facing is not a boulder but the path itself? How do we know when to fight and when to let go? Which to remove and which to walk over? How to maintain our channels to keep them flowing so our soul remains healthy and alive?

These are very good questions.

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