Face Your Today


Hi my dearest mommy,

Once again you are looking into the past.  Once again you’re dwelling on it. You cannot do this mom. Whatever happened before is gone. It stays in the past. It cannot be changed.

Look and focus on now.

The thing is that when we’re looking at our past, we’re missing today. When we look at the future, we are missing what’s under our nose.

You cannot know if your life would have been better if something else had changed.  That does not matter anymore. I agree with you that it’s extremely difficult for you to feel like you’re in the right place now.

That right place is very painful. There is no escape from it. And yes, it is difficult to live when there’s so much corruption around you.

I know it’s difficult to know who tells the truth and who lies. Yes , we are in a world of darkness. That is why it’s so important to understand what true kindness is.

At this point, you need to focus on your life.

You don’t have time or any more energy. Only focus on today. This is the truth about your life right now. 

You have to learn to fight for yourself and your life.

I know it’s hard to understand everything around you.  The most important thing is that we have a deep relationship.

Perhaps the most important thing is to realize the depth of your relationship with Divine.

In other situations, you might not be able to understand this. Perhaps your situation is exactly why this knowledge has been given to you. Yes, it was not delivered to you in an easy way, but it’s here. 

So with all this, mom, what exactly do you think you’re missing?

Approval? Support? Place to work? Knowledge? Belonging?

What exactly do you think you really need?

What you truly need to grasp is that I’m telling you the truth: I’m not gone and I exist. You’re not crazy for speaking with me.

The truth is that only you can have it and only you can make it. And yes you do not have a physical teacher, but you do have me. 

Do you know why you have me? Do you know why I’m coming to you?  It’s because you love and trust me and know that I will never betray you.

So here it is mom: I am your guide and teacher. Leave everyone and everything alone.

Talk to me. Ask me. Trust me. Work with me.

This is it mom, this is it. You have to teach yourself to just be. You must let yourself unfold.

You must face your Today.

No escape mom, no escape. That is all.

I love you.

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