Don’t Hide


Hi my dearest mommy,

I’m so proud that you are my mom. I’m proud that you are able to take life’s kicks at your stomach.

Don’t hide.

Yes it is true that you must work harder than many others, but that should not stop you. Never. You taught me that and it worked.

Remember how I swam during the last contest?  You were so proud of me and told me never to give up.

Well, it is your time, mom.  Now I’m watching you the same way you watched me and we are swimming together in the cosmic waves.

So don’t fear the labor, and do not fear the splashes it will make. Many people are watching. Some will support you.  Some will be jealous.  Some will be angry.  Some will be ignorant. It does not matter, mom, it does not matter.

What matters is that you will take your G-d given life and work and take life seriously. For that, you’ll stand firmly on your feet and I’ll stand next to you.

Do not fear mom.  There is no reason to. You’re not alone, and you are on the right track. You are doing what needs to be done. Now let the Universe do the rest.

Don’t hold the messages inside yourself. Don’t shy away from the work that needs to be done.  The information given to you are not only for you.  You have a role to play.

So labor for It. Own that It. Respect that It.  Release that It.

I love you mommy more than I can express. I love you. Now you must go and do the work. 

Do not look back.

Do not look back. Talk to me. 

I love you.

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