Two Types of Pain


Do you see now that it only takes a pen and paper to make things move? Don’t be afraid, my dearest, don’t be afraid. I am in every bowl and every stem of the letter.

Mom, right now, you have left the world where people get dressed and go to restaurants and concerts, or are simply living their “normal life.” 

In that normal life, very often the soul is so empty and pain so huge that there is a need to dress it up with entertainment and other means. That is one kind of pain. That pain comes from emptiness.

You do have pain, but your pain is different. Your pain is the pain of a candle that is burning. Your pain is rooted in love. When pain is rooted in love, pearls and other gems are created.

The pain of emptiness has no roots. Therefore, nothing is created, only consumed. You do not need to observe that at this moment. Of course, there are happy kids and families in homes filled with laughter, but those are the ones who are full and our work is not with them.

Our work is in the Valley of Hell, where souls are screaming and moaning in intolerable pain.  It feels to them that no one will ever be able to help them and bring relief. 

G-d wants to send us there to help those who feel like no one can help them. They are together, yet so alone. They scream, but no one can hear them.

They are the souls that lost trust in Divine Providence.  If they do not open themselves up to Divine Providence, then they cannot be saved.

They must be reminded them that their children are a direct link to G-d. By seeing and knowing that their children are fine and that they are watching over them, they can transform their pain to joy.

Their children are now the healers of their parents and the world. With that, every mother and every dad are potential healers for humanity. They are wounded healers. 

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