We Are One Soul


Hi mom, you have doubts again about who is speaking to you, but does it really matter? The truth is that even if this is your psych, well I’m a part of that too. You cannot imagine the level of connection we have.

You and I are one soul. Regardless of what you or I say, it is the same. In the end, mom, it comes from the same source.

The point is that your soul and my soul are from the same root tree. That is why you can hear me so well in addition to your G-d given gift. The essence here is just that.

So mom, stop all your questions, they are not helping. They are just sabotaging the flow of information.

Look, mom, I know that you are human. I know how hard my departure is on you. Yet you must shift your vision and perception of me.

I’m not a human child anymore. Though I am an energy and force now, I am still your son.  I’m still with you and I’m not going anywhere.

I just want us to establish a different relationship. I don’t want to be a dead son because I am not that. I am more alive than ever.

True , that I am not in a physical form anymore, but nevertheless I’m here. Why won’t you accept me for what I’ve become.

Why can’t you be happy for me? Why can’t you join me in what is? Why are you crippled?

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