A) Inner Fireplace

12:53 p.m.

My dearest mom, you are confused by your dreams and that is fine. You are going through heavy duty healing and many issues are going to pop up.


Note 1: Once in a while, I would go through a period of intense dreams and visions. Some would be clear and right to the point that is easy understand; however, others . . . not so much and not so fast. Those dreams and visions usually come as bulldozers and pour heavy blocks on me. They would be asking for lots of thinking and searching.

Some of them are extremely intense. Foretelling future. Given warning. Some of them are highly electrolyzed and are able to shake me to my core. At times, I wake up feeling as if a train just went over me. Just crushed.

Of course, in this project, I do share some visions that are related to the material, but not everything could be shared or should be shared. Also, there is no way I could share everything right away anyway. Having said that, this is what I want you to know and focus on.

The universe never stops working with us. Our subconscious is always in communication. The natural inclination of our psyche and of our body is to get well, heal, and be alive. So though we have thoughts of suicide and feel like our lives have no meaning anymore, there is a part of our life that wants to fight and wants to be healed.

During the night, our soul energy goes to the source and receives information necessary for our healing and then transmits dreams and visions to us. Therefore, every dream and vision we have during the night was given to us according to the needs of our healing. We just need to learn how to hear them, receive them, and apply them.

Basically those dreams and visions serve as a carefully measured and crafted medication for us to get well. Those dreams and visions can absolutely be essential to our healing and will help sustain our life.

Therefore, we need to be aware that with heavy-duty healing comes heavy-duty dreams and visions. We need to see the dreams and visions as healing properties. Do not fear them!


And this time, Mom, when so many kind of leadership falls, you must trust as never before our connection and our connection with Divine.


Note 2: This is the essence. I truly want you, my readers, to understand: that at a time of lies and deception, you still can connect to the truth. We can do that. For that to happen, first, trust yourselves, and second, trust and love the ones in the Realm of Truth. The dreams and visions are here to help us to connect to our own truth, learn and embrace it, and then share it with others


And whatever intrigues people are involved in, it doesn’t involve you. Human actions are not your concern. Paying attention to them is a very shallow perspective. As a matter of fact, their actions are just an another illusion and you must learn how to move through it without being hooked by them


Here is how you need to act:

  • Know very clearly in your heart where you have to go. Listen to the voice that calls you and guides you. Just walk straight to that pulse or point of energy that calls your name.
  • Go and walk over every obstacle, conflict, and challenge as if it is not there.
  • Keep in mind that people do not have power over you. You need to do what you need to do.
  • Treat everyone fairly and softly, but don’t get involved in personal conflicts. That is how they can stop you, hold you, and drug you.
  • Say thank you for all the lessons they taught you along the way and then move on.
  • You must learn to move beyond the nitty-gritties of emotional struggles.
  • People who are in pain and/or  are at war within themselves will create pain and war for everyone else. You do not need to tolerate it, but you also do not need to succumb to that.
  • The kindness of other people and/or lack of kindness is not a sign of who you are, but a true testimony of who they are.
  • That is why the end goal is to really embrace the previous notion and be content with having Divine Love as the main source of love.
  • Human love is restricted, so we should never make it our focus to attain that.
  • If you are truly connected and really want to feel and to embrace the true source of love, then you will become free from ever needing any approval, love, or affection. Plus, you will be able to treat everyone with kindness, compassion, patience, and tolerance. Inside of you an eternal fireplace with the eternal flames of love will be installed.
  • When you are warm and toasty inside, then you can illuminate and project your light onto others.


What is my role you may ask? The role, our role (meaning me, your star child) is to assure that your fireplace has enough wood to maintain the flames.

The children that are in heaven are direct providers and guardians of the fire that burns within their parents. The role of the parents is to recognize their inner fireplace and be willing to ignite the flame. 

Then children will provide the wood and safeguard the flame. That is where the mother and the child can be together again. That is where they can invite others to come in and get warm.

In a place of darkness or coldness, those fireplaces are very much needed.  Humanity as a whole is in wintertime now. Humanity is entering its wintertime.

That is why this information is needed right now. With parents like you and with the help of children like me, there is great potential for us to become that fireplace during winter for others.

And just like you, they too can have amazing and direct communication with the ultimate sources of love: light and warmth aka kindness. When the beat of the mother’s heart is in sync with her child’s heart, together they can create a vibration that allows them to connect with the heartbeat of the universe.

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