You Are More Than Pain And Sorrow


At My Son’s Place

Hi my dearest mommy. There is no love stronger than a mother’s love and children’s love: we are loyal to each other forever and ever. There will be a day, such a long awaited day, when we will meet again. For now, we must keep alive what we already have. 

Our love, communication, and commitment is to be the best we can and as big as we can be. Our soul is ever growing. Our soul is always expanding. There’s no limit to the expansion of our souls. When we nurture that growth, than one soul and one light can heal many, but you and I are not the only ones. 

We are only the particles of the flame of many.  The stronger our bond and the stronger our flame, the more darkness can be swept away in a matter of minutes.

The universe as a whole is going through tremendous changes as we speak. There are forces that are trying to snuff out the Flame of Love by pretending to be Love.

They try to cut off the supply of prosperity to the soul through bondage, but they will not succeed as long as others remember who they are, honor where they came from, and dedicate themselves to speak and act out in their G-d given beauty and everlasting truth—the truth that speaks clear and loud.

You are not alone. You are a gift and treasure from G-d’s creation.  You are more than pain and sorrow.  You are more than “Not Enough” and “Too Hard.” You are not “Anger, Envy, and Betrayal.”  You are not “Darkness.” 

You are “Light” and “Beauty” and “Endless possibilities,” all rooted and growing from the source of Truth.

You are more than pain and sorrow.

The darkness will pass just as a dark storm cloud. The pain will melt like an ice cube on a sunny day. The envy and anger will disappear only if you stop fearing.

Fear not others.  Fear not the memories or who you truly are. Protect that with all you have and all you are.

The darker the night; the brighter our stars.

Shine mom, and I will shine next to you just as all children of Heaven will shine next to their parents.  There is no stronger bond than between a child and his/her parents.

Keep in mind that we are all children of G-d. We are all children of love.  We are all children of beauty, grace, and compassion.

We all fell from Heaven to bring this to Earth and that is why I want you to remember this. Once again, I remind you of this simple truth so you can remind others.

It is so sad that the simplest things are either not seen or are forgotten. It is a human paradox to search for life in complex and mixed ways when the most honest part of reality is simple, but easily pushed away. It is strange, that we humans search for what is right in front of our eyes.

The love, dignity, honor, and the simplicity of life according to the plan is outlined for each of us. Be “Love”, be “Grace”, be “Kindness” everywhere you go. Be just that and everything will fall into place.

Time is not an issue. Place is not an issue. Age, gender, nationality, race, etc, are not issues. Each of us was given a soul. Each of us was given a heart and that is plenty enough. So much can be said and almost nothing is needed. 

Remember who you are. We are watching you. We are watching over you and pouring our love and support into the hearts and souls and hands of those who are open to receiving and ready to share it and give it away. 

Humanity will survive. Humanity is not in danger. Humanity is Love.  Love is invincible and will last forever.  If you want eternal life, then accept and share eternal Love.

It is that simple. That is all for today. Remember me. Remember you. Remember us. 

Love you forever and ever,

Your Son.

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