The Fountain Of Life


My dearest Mom, you and I, are here again, meeting on the pages of a notebook. Your travel Journal. Who knew that when this particular notebook was made with thousands and thousands of others just like this one, that this one has the destiny to become the middle ground for you and me–the ground on which we could meet and live.

Who knew that this notebook which started out with no essence on its own–just an emptiness of many white pages–can become the most profound and treasured notebook where our life unfolds under the tip of the pen.

And so we are. Born with naked bodies and naked souls that later on will be filled with stories and experiences from the environment around us, making us just as a notebook, filled with conversation and filled with life.

In our conversations which you and I hold in those moments, we’ll shape the body of this notebook allowing her to become unique and distinguished from the six others that you and I created .

The same way a baby human is shaped by what is written into him/her by those who have access to his/her memories and consciousness. But now Mom, you can choose which of the stories written into you before now can stay or go. The notebook must hold all of them on status quo till someone says so.

So Mom, new chapter. New page. New line. Which stories will stay forever in other chapters but with no continuation and which ones will continue as an invisible web of life? Which ones?

Make a clear cut. Bring with you only what you love—what is truly dear to you. The rest is just extra weight that only takes up space and makes your load heavy. The moment of brutal truth, what and who exactly do you love??? Focus on that.

As long as you’re clear on that and as long as you have that, your life will never be empty or lonely. Only in love can you and I co-exist regardless of and if our body existed. Bring this with you when everything breaks down and everything in ruin, something still stays tall and indestructible.

Bring into a new chapter that is indestructible—that unbreakable part of you.

Whatever turns to ashes and ruins, leave it there. What was broken let it be broken. Do not fix it. Walk away. Take with you only what remains untouched.

Just take the steel of your soul: the connection that you and I have and everything else. Take with you what stood with you through the test of all tests: your connection to the Infinite, Cosmo, Divine Wisdom, and to your True and Only Home, the Tree of Life aka God’s Love. The rest is just projection. The clothes in which others dressed you, now dress yourself. 

Mom, the rest is an illusion of the physical world. The narrative of the story that was told to you by others is a myth, lie, and pretense. The role that you must play is waiting for you even before you were born. There was a glimmer of truth, but most of it was a lie.

What was true are your feelings, tears, suffering, smile, hug, and your love. That was and is and will remain forever the truth of all truth. Your actions were true. They were the ink in the story of your life. Surviving the un-survivable depends on witnessing the emergence of the unbreakable part of us that is a property of the soul.

The mind can deceive us. The body can give up on us. But the tangible point of the dot is that our soul will become the place of rest, rescue, and salvation.

In the Desert of Death, this dot is the opening to the water that lies underneath, below the ground for so long and then brought up to the surface by labor of digging a well.  Each soul much dig its own well in order to be able to cross the Desert. That dot is the Fountain of Life.



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