Survive the Darkness


My Son’s Place

My dearest mommy, why are you falling down again into this cold and deep and dark cavity of space?  When will you start to understand that people are people?  You do not need anything from them and you do not need to depend on them.

Unfortunately, this is the deal right now: humanity is lacking compassion and kindness. That is a fact. That is why you must stay strong and be okay with that darkness and the illness of the human heart and soul. 

I know it’s easier said than done, but here is the key. You must remember:

  1. You’re not alone.
  2. The Divine family and community are here with you.
  3. Divine love is always streaming and always available.

Therefore the food for the soul is there, so you should not feel deprived. You should not feel cut off or not needed. There is room for you under the sun and a role you still have to play. Please do not give up on yourself and us.

As I am always with you forever and ever, I am not going anywhere. My place is next to you, even if there’s no one else left. Even if everyone else abandons you, I will not. I will walk with you through thick and thin as I have done for the last three years.

So why are you losing yourself again? You should know better. Why would you allow the Earthly heaviness to enter you?  Divine Providence put you here. Divine Providence has gotten you this far. Divine Providence loves you and knows your true needs and hence, provides them. What else do you want? 

Mom, I’m not trying to sound cruel, but I must say the following to you with all my love and heart. Mom, you’re lacking spiritual discipline. Your self-indulgence in darkness will take you nowhere, except where you already are – a dark, cold, sorrowful place.

Why is it so difficult for you to hold Divine Love in your heart?

Think about it. Stop sabotaging your development. You have plenty to do. And stop focusing on the pain others have caused you.  That is between them and G-d.

Your focus must only be on you. That is all.

I love you,

Your very loyal son.

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