Under Construction


At My Son’s Place

My dearest mommy, my love and greetings to you. I’m glad you are here visiting me. Nothing has been forgotten: not me, not you.

Let all fears and worries be dissolved in my love. You are the one who I will treasure and protect. I hope you will find a safe harbor in that thought.

I hope you will find rest knowing you have nothing to fear. I hope you will be joyful when thinking of us as a mother and son on a divine path.

Your job right now is to walk through the Desert of Death and grieve.

Nothing else is more important for you than this. Do not make yourself too busy. It is not time yet.

Your heart needs to be restructured. You are still under construction.

So be with it. Bring Divine Providence and divine love into your life and let that do the work.

Let the Architect rebuild your life. Trust him to unfold his blueprints. Just relax and let him work. Stop worrying everyday.

Stop holding up. Let “IT” go and let “IT” come.

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