Trust The Waves

2:27 pm

My dearest mommy, I know I know I know. It is unbearable for you and that is why your body is in shock.

You can do it mom; you can do it. You can walk with me without touching me. You can walk with me and hold my hand in spirit.

Today is not an easy day. There is no support for you today or at least that’s how it feels to you, but I’m here mom.



Whatever is due to you will find you. You were washed away and get taken by the wave of G-d’s hand. Now the hand that took you away from the place where you were comfortable and knew so well will bring you to another shore.

You cannot be in the ocean forever. At some point, you will be brought to the shore, dropped to the bottom of the ocean, or transformed into an ocean being.

IMG_0996The way you were taken by the ocean will change you forever. Mom, you cannot go anywhere yet. You must trust the waves. The waves of changes.

You need to take care of your health. You are in pain. You are a mess. You cannot skip this step. You are not late for anything. You are where you must be.

Yes, this is not what you have envisioned for yourself, but this is the right place for you now. If you cannot accept what is in front of you, you will not be able to move forward. You will be stuck here and you will drown.

  • Yes, this is your Life today.
  • You cannot miss or escape your destiny. Let it come to you.
  • Whatever belongs to you, will be given to you. Whatever belongs to you will find you.
  • Fight for your life.
  • Whatever belongs to you will be delivered to you.

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