Are You In It To Win It?


My Son’s Place

Choose life mom. Choose life. Choose life with whatever it comes and with everything in it. With pain or pleasure, with joy or sorrow–choose life, for better or worse, till death do you apart.

Be married to life. Be married to the gift that has been given to you. Embrace that gift even in times it is impossible to breathe. Choose life.

People will come and people will go. Rain will fall and sun will shine.

Your response to that will depend on if you are in it to win it. You cannot lose if you choose life. You cannot fail if you choose life.

If you choose life there’s no escape, no addiction, no games. Everything becomes straight and simple. If you live your life with a conscious thought and mature decision—a choice—no one can take that away from you.

Then all the tricks stop working. Negativity is gone. You are done with the pity and nonsense and whatever earthy illusions there are.

Choose life without knowing what is waiting for you. Choose life without expectations or demands. Step into life with just a clear choice, open heart, and faith. That is all you need.

Step into life knowing that your life is a gift to you and to humanity. Trust that your life is valuable to the one who gave it to you.

Mom, my dearest mom, this is it. This is the icing on the cake. This is the ultimate choice of all choices.

Choose life as is.  Know that life is a gift to you.

Yes too many live their life without choosing–sitting on two chairs.  Here are the chairs: Life and Death.

Death does not mean a physical separation of body and soul. Death means a separation between soul and spirit.

So choose life. Connect your Soul and Spirit. Bring it all together in trust that there is a plan for you. There is no room for Fear when Awareness is in the house.

Do not fear the unknown, my mother. Do not fear the unknown. Fear pity, inertia, apathy, the death of the soul.

Choose life my dearest mommy. Hold my hand and together we will walk farther than you ever dreamed about. 

Choose life, mom, choose life. Choose life and do not ever turn back. Live your life with zero degree of deviation and allow the plans to unfold.

Choose life. Choose life. Choose life. Is this not what you wanted for me?

Now I want this for you. I want this for us. Now choose life and face it without flinching. True and simple. Choose Life.


Your son.

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