The Night Is Our Time

8:39 p.m.

Note: After coming back to Israel, I was not able to see my son as clearly as I did there. At some point, I became fearful and even paranoid that I would forget my son and would not remember how he feels and how he smells. I was terrified that time was going to erase him from my memories. That thought caused me excruciating pain. 

Hi, Mom.  Just want to say hi to you. We did not talk all day.  You were not writing.  I feel closer to you when you write.

Yes, no one could have done anything about my departure.  I think this is the hardest part for you—accepting and surrendering to the will of Divine Providence. Mom, do not worry.  You will always remember me. 

Mom, you will see me in dreams a lot.  You will see and feel me and the night will become our time. When your soul is rested, we will play.

The night will become our time!

And about the world—changes are coming and a new time is coming.  Do not fear.  Trust that the will of Divine Providence will be done and there is a plan for everyone. I love you.  Try to relax.

We will talk soon again.


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