Nothing is Lost – Only Transformed

Hi, my dearest mom, this is your star celestial* son, your star (celestial) boy.

Note :  This was the first time he called himself a star( celestial) being and/or someone from the stars.

I am very happy that I am speaking with you, and I am thrilled we have the opportunity to talk. Let’s transfer our conversation to paper.

First of all, I want you to know that I am fully aware how challenging all this is for you, my brother, and dad. Yet, I need to tell you that G-d has a plan for each of you. You have not lost my brother or I, though we are not physically with you.

Nothing in the Universe gets lost; it only changes its form, grows, transforms, or goes through metamorphosis. It is the same way a caterpillar is not a butterfly and the same way relationships, the soul, and material matters must go through changes.

The caterpillar is not a butterfly. However, it has the potential to become a butterfly.

The potential can only be actualized through the metamorphosis. If metamorphosis does not take place, the butterfly would not exist because they can only exist if metamorphosis is completed.

Therefore, when individuals oblige the process of metamorphosis, in the end, he or she will become something that would have never taken place if the transformation does not start. Very often in life, after going through certain experiences, we find in ourselves qualities; shades of colors, and layers of our being we did not know had existed.

It is like placing a butterfly in front of a caterpillar and telling it that this is you or will be you. The caterpillar probably thinks that they have nothing in common. How can anything that is crawling have something in common with something that is flying?

Mom, my soul has grown so fast and strong, that it cannot contain its vibrations and the frequency of material life. I left to the higher and deeper layers…and I chose you as my mother on Earth cause I knew we would always be able to communicate.

Once you recognize me, you will never let me go, because the basis of the soul—root—is loyalty, dedication, and unlimited kindness and love.

Of course while we were together on earth, we had our disagreements, but you have to understand that life on Earth and celestial life are two completely different lives.

For one, in celestial life, you don’t need to wash dirty dishes or iron clothes or clean rooms. Celestial life is pure love. This is what you and I have together. And we will always have eternal love. I love you very much, but nothing gives me more joy than knowing that you are capable of listening to me and you are going the extra miles to do both the possible and impossible for us to stay in communication.

During our regular life on Earth, we also worked very hard to develop our communication. Now, you and I have Celestial-Earth connection.

This is not only going to help you and my dad, this will also help others when time is right. Right now, you need to focus on finding your own balance, healing your soul, and most importantly, to find that precise connection with me so your deep feeling of loss, sorrow, and tragedy will leave your soul.

Sorrow must be replaced with understanding, compassion, and the words “I am, I exist, I am with you.”

G-d has a plan for you: eternal life, eternal light, zero degree of deviation, and responsibility for your own life. Nothing is lost, only transformed .

You must develop and have a shift in your consciousness. Your soul must grow and expand. Illusion of an earthy life must be dissolved by knowledge of the celestial life.

The reality must be present (exist) in the present (moment). However, my dearest mommy, do not rush the process.

Everything takes time.

Right now, you need to rest, relax, breathe, and be inside water as much as you can. Do not think about anything. Just simply know that I am always next to you and G-d has a plan for you.

Be in peace till our next writing time.
–Your star’s son. I love you my dearest mommy.

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